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Unless you measure something, you don't know if it is getting better or worse

Track your patterns by taking pics of your meal

Track a wide variety of wellness categories

How are you doing with sleep and recovery?

Discover your hydration status and set goals

Monitor body weight changes as needed

Meal Plan Guides

Helps to educate you on the quantity and quality of food choices to accomplish your goals

Regular, Vegan, Vegetarian and Restaurant

Practical tips and advice

Filter in or out food options

Add to your calandar and plan ahead

Build your grocery shopping list

Share with who buys the groceries

Improving Your Eating Habits will Impact


Fun and engaging way to improve your eating habits and athletic performance

Engage in the app and score points

Weekly challenge leaderboard

Compete and engage on teams

I Love to Win, Eat 2 Win!

Sports Dietitian

“Great app to help athletes follow a nutritional plan to achieve their goals. Very user friendly and has some practical meal ideas that athletes can use. Also there is a cool place to challenge others!”

Sports Dietitian

Sports Dietitian

“The Eat 2 Win App has been a critical part of the success of our athlete development program. The app is a fun way to keep our athletes accountable for progressing through their nutritional goals. It has improved the performance of many of our athletes and we highly recommend this app to anyone that wants to accomplish their nutritional goals.”

New Level Performance

Sports Dietitian

“I’m using this app with the softball team this season. The premise of motivation, accountability, feedback, challenges, etc. will most definitely lead to positive behavior change. The menus are great! The focus on quality vs quantity of meals/snacks is a refreshing approach.”

Chair of Nutrition, Associate Professor, West Chester University

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One minute engaging sports nutrition video

Feedback and encouragment support

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